Tiled Roof

Tiled Roofs New Orleans, LA Roofs can be made from different types of materials. Some are affordable and widely available while others are too expensive to install. But one type of roofing that is still popular among homeowners is roof tile. A lot of property owners choose tiles for their outstanding qualities. The cost of installation is not a major factor for them because of the material's durability and aesthetic appeal. A tiled roof can withstand extreme weather conditions and usually outperforms other types of roofing. It is not surprising why a lot of homes in Oklahoma and Louisiana use tiles for roofing.

If you are building a new home or planning to renovate your house, roof tiles should be one of your primary options. Tiles offer maximum protection and great benefits compared to cheaper roofing materials. But make sure that the installation is handled by experienced and qualified contractors. A reliable roofing company that you can hire for tile roof installation is Green Country Rooftops & Restoration. We've been serving the states of Louisiana and Oklahoma so we know our client’s preferred roofing materials. In fact, we are the choice of most property owners in Metairie LA, New Orleans LA, Mandeville LA and Covington LA because of our expertise in the design and installation of tile roofing. We even have numerous satisfied clients from Tulsa OK, Broken Arrow OK, Sapulpa OK, Owasso OK, Jenks OK, Bixby OK, Coweta OK, and surrounding areas. Please call 504-491-5375 or visit us at our office so we can discuss the details of your project.

Advantages of Tiled Roof

Professionally installed roof tiles can easily make your home look classy and beautiful. There are great options when it comes to colors, shapes, and finishes, so you can easily find the perfect tiles that will suit the architecture of your home or building. You can choose tegulas, flat tiles, imbrex, or pantiles, depending on your design taste. There are also accessories that can enhance the look and beauty of the entire roofing system. These include bird stops, apexes, cloaked attic vents, hip starters, and gutter system.

Most contractors recommend tiled roof system because of these benefits:

  • classy roofing material
  • durable and long-lasting
  • excellent protection against rotting and insect boring
  • made from fire resistant materials
  • resist damage caused by hurricanes, earthquakes and other extreme weather conditions
  • great insulator, making your home energy-efficient

Getting a Tile Roofing Contractor

In every construction or home renovation project, the biggest concern of the property owner is finding the right roofing contractors. Tile roofing installation is a technical task that should be handled by properly trained and certified roof installers. These people know how to build reliable roofing systems that are also stunning and low-maintenance. Avoid hiring inexperienced ones since they may offer subpar work. Tiled roof, when poorly designed and installed, may not offer the protection you need. The entire system may deteriorate faster because of leaks and other roofing issues. You will be prompted to perform frequent repair and maintenance. You can still avoid these problems by hiring a well-experienced and competent roofing contractor. You have to look at the credentials of the company, particularly its completed projects, number of manpower, and available tools and equipment. If you are still confused on which type of roof tile to use for your home, don't hesitate to ask you contractor.

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