Metal Roof

Metal Roof New Orleans, LA Many property owners choose metal roofing for its many benefits. Metal roofs are known for their durability and long-lasting quality. In fact, premium grade metal roofing has a minimum lifespan of 40 years. When installed by professionals and maintained properly, a metal roof can provide up to 7 decades of protection. This is a clear proof that metal roofs are cost-effective options compared to other expensive roofing products.

As mentioned, metal roofing can only last for decades if it is installed and maintained by professionals. You should avoid doing a DIY installation or repair job since it can result in huge maintenance cost. Your best option is to look for licensed and experienced roofing installers like us at Green Country Rooftops & Restoration. For decades, we have been the go-to company for those who are looking for reliable but affordable roofing installers. Our completed projects in Tulsa OK, Owasso OK, Broken Arrow OK, Sapulpa OK, Jenks OK, Bixby OK, and Coweta OK are proofs of our competency in this field. We also have a lot of highly satisfied clients from Metairie LA, New Orleans LA, Mandeville LA, Covington LA, and surrounding areas. For topnotch metal roof installation and repair, call 504-491-5375 today.

Metal Roofing Options

The great thing about metal roofing is that you can choose the specific type of metal to use for your home or commercial property. You can opt for a more expensive type or buy a cheaper one but still get excellent protection from the elements. Most contractors recommend metal roofing because it is available in various designs and styles. The designs will surely make your home attractive and elegant-looking. In fact, some metal roof designs mimic the look of tiles, slate, wood shake, and asphalt shingles.

Meanwhile, the common types of metal roofing are the following:

  • Steel. This metal roof type is commonly used in residential and commercial properties. Manufacturers are now offering metal roofs that are rust- and corrosion-resistant, so you can expect an extremely durable roofing material. Most of the available products in the market today are zinc-coated and/or contain galvalume (a mixture of zinc and aluminum). These metallic coatings provide effective and long-lasting protection to steel. To improve the material's energy efficiency, aesthetics, and long-lasting quality, a baked-on acrylic top coating is applied on the metal sheets. The different paint finishes and styles make this type of roofing perfect for various roofing applications.

  • Aluminum. If you are looking for a lightweight but durable roofing material, choose aluminum roofing. You won't have to worry about frequent maintenance since it won't rust. It type of metal roof is available in various colors and styles. The downside of aluminum is it is prone to dents and not as rigid as steel metal.

  • Copper, Alloy or Stainless Steel. You can also choose copper, alloy or stainless steel metal for your home's roofing system. They won't rust, corrode, or get damage easily. They also offer unique appeal and beautiful finish, which makes homes or properties stand out. However, these roofing materials are too expensive to install.

Top-quality Metal Roof

As a property owner, you have to ensure that your roofing system is made from the finest materials. You have to buy roofing materials that are proven durable and long-lasting. You should also consider the maintenance requirements of each type of metal roof. Licensed contractors like us will usually recommend leading brands because these products are proven durable and made using the latest manufacturing technologies and top-quality raw materials.

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